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Your checklist for a successful end of year marketing


Your checklist for a successful end of year marketing

The end of the year is everyone’s favourite period: holidays, celebrations, good memories, lots of food, presents… But we must not forget that people are spending more during this season, especially on Christmas gifts. Now’s the time to really show how your brand can connect to your audiences to get closer to them. There are a lot of things to consider for a successful end of year marketing, so we’ve made a little checklist just for you!



1. Send a little corporate gift


Because who doesn’t love gifts, right? Christmas has become synonymous to giving presents, so what better time than giving out a gift in December after a long year of hard work? Although, to be honest, you don’t need a reason to give someone a gift, it’s simply a nice gesture that goes a long way to help you build long-lasting professional relationships.



2. Hello, holidays!


That’s the best part of the festive season! Social media feeds and adverts are loaded with red and green, the 2 most iconic Christmas colours. Holiday greetings are an excellent way to connect to audiences in a non-intrusive way so make sure you really connect with your audience to convert them from casual browsers to potential clients.



3. Express your gratitude


After a tough year, celebrating small moments of happiness is highly fulfilling. For instance, you could make someone’s day by rewarding your most loyal customers, or telling your employees and business partners that you enjoy working with them through a thoughtful gift.



4. Plan for the year ahead


A new year means a fresh start. Resolutions can be a little wishy-washy for businesses, so set goals instead. You should always aim to improve your business wherever and whenever possible, but reflecting on past mistakes and bad habits at the end of the year is pretty common. Hindsight is 20/20, after all. So make sure that for the upcoming year, you properly sit back and think about how you could provide a better business experience for your customers, clients, suppliers, employees, business partners, and lastly, yourself.



The upcoming festive season is a highly prized time in the advertising industry. If you want your brand to stay on top, then this period will be an unmissable opportunity to achieve that. With this short checklist, you will be able to have the basics covered for a successful marketing to conclude 2021.


But we know that having an idea and executing it are very different things. In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll be elaborating more some of these bullet points, so don’t forget to follow us on our platforms: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. In the meantime, you could make sure that your social media strategy is optimised for the festive period.  


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