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Why are you missing out? Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in social media marketing?


Why are you missing out?
Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in social media marketing

Let’s be honest; it’s no longer about choosing to have a social media strategy or not – your business needs it, that’s a fact. According to the Global Statshot Report, 57% of the world’s population are now social media users and spend a daily average of 7 hours on the internet. Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp have also become the primary channels of communication across the globe and are still growing. The latest figures show that in Mauritius alone, there are more than 900,000 social media accounts for a 1.2m population (75%)! Learn more here.


So yes, social media is part of our new normal! Yet, even though the concept of social media is far from new, many still ignore the true benefits of integrating it into their business strategy. We have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why you should be investing in professional social media marketing too.


1. Traffic to your website


People do not deliberately go on the internet to look for you. So your website can have the most interesting blog post but it won’t matter if no one is reading it. That’s where social media platforms can help! 


Social media posts are meant to capture people’s attention in the briefest moment and so, only give sneak peeks of what a business has to offer, such as special promotions, new products, event announcements, or article excerpts. A successful post will be convincing enough to get people to click for more. This way, they be redirected to your website and learn more about your brand.


2. Extend your reach


With social media, a business can reach more people than it initially targets. That’s because people form part of communities and they like to share what they find interesting. Just like word-of-mouth, people can share about your business and provide feedback on their experience. In doing so, they invite others from their online entourage to “check you out” and see what you have to offer.


Moreover, platforms such as Facebook allow you to run targeted advertisements. By targeting specific audience segments, you can direct your strategy towards people who are more likely to be interested in YOUR specific offer, product, or information.


3. Brand awareness


Not everyone who sees your profile or posts on social media will immediately be interested in your business. But it doesn’t matter because your primary aim should be to be remembered!


Unlike other types of advertising, social media marketing connects with audiences on a more personal level. People could see the same billboard on the way to work but might have never really paid attention to it. They might also not be actively paying attention to the television or radio during advertisement breaks. However, when they are on social media, people are already invested in what is going on their phone’s screen. So with a good social media strategy, your business can seize the opportunity so people can actively recall it.


4. Better SEO


Though not directly, social media can also contribute to search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings. Brand exposure increases through the links shared and this also optimises online visibility along with organic traffic. This is because, depending on the context in which your business engages and gets people to talk about, it can impact the rank it has. After all, the more engagement your post gets, the more your content becomes valuable in terms of SEO. 


5. More customer engagement


Social media platforms add another layer to your advertising campaigns by giving audiences the chance to engage and voice out their opinions. They can react with an emoji, leave a comment, or even message directly. The more interaction they have with the business, the greater they will feel connected. By encouraging people to engage more and giving them the feeling that they are being heard, customer loyalty can be nurtured. As a result, you will be ranked higher than your competitors in the client’s mind when it comes to the time of purchase.


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