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Upcoming festive season: how to optimise your social media strategy for the holiday season


 Upcoming festive season: how to optimise your social media strategy for the holiday season

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year… What do all these have in common? They’re all during the biggest holiday season of the year. November and December are usually considered two of the most festive months, during which people usually spend more. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach potential new customers and increase their conversions. However, it’s definitely not easy to come out on top, especially with the ever rising amount of competitors vying for your prospective clients’ attention. You need a comprehensive social media strategy for communicating with customers and promoting your best deals


Are you well-versed in social media or not too savvy? We have compiled a short list of 5 tips to help you optimise your social media strategy for a successful holiday marketing campaign.



1. Plan ahead!


There’s nothing worse than needing to post something on a specific day and finding out that you have no content (we swear we’re not speaking from experience…). This is when panic ensues, leading to time wasted and unnecessary stress. To avoid this, you need to plan what and when you’re going to post, and on which platforms. It’s also a good idea to create the artwork to be planned, write the accompanying copy and even draft the response messages for each post that you can customise as needed (because customers will definitely want more information). Remember that holiday season is also the busiest season, so scheduling your posts for later is a huge life- and time-saver.



2. Season’s greetings


This kind of falls under the previous tip, but we think it deserved its own bullet point. Holiday greeting posts may seem like ‘fluff’ and unimportant, but they’re a great way to yield engagement and really connect with your audience. Posting such content shows a more human side of the brand and suggests that the brand cares about their customers. You could ask users what they’re doing for the upcoming holiday season, or just thank them for their loyalty and wish them a safe and happy holiday with their family.



3. Create FOMO around sales


FOMO – the fear of missing out – is real. A couple weeks before, start teasing limited time deals or special sales that you have planned to get your audience excited. Customers are doing more research than usual during this time of year, so it’s important to grab their attention as fast as possible. Building up hype around an exclusive sale or event allows you to stay at the back of their mind since they wouldn’t want to miss it. Besides, a sale often encourages people who have been on the fence about purchasing to actually take the plunge. Don’t forget to share reminders as the day of your big launch approaches!



4. More money = same amount of leads?


If you’re planning on running ads, be prepared to spend more on your advertising campaigns. If not, you can skip this point. In short, paid ads will be more expensive as more brands are pushing their products and services during the holiday season, and even more are willing to bid higher to secure those valuable placements. So in order to keep up with your competitors, raise your bids as high as you’re willing to go (though never more than is profitable). Remember to set a bid cap limit on Facebook and Instagram Ads to make sure that you never go over your budget – that would be disastrous indeed.



5. Give your accounts a makeover


Changing your social media accounts’ aesthetics according to the seasons and holidays is a fun way to keep your customers, both existing and potential, engaged. It suggests that your brand is up-to-date and in the know, which are two essential aspects of being successful on social media. Visual changes can be simple, such as adding a Santa hat to your existing logo, or (temporarily) changing your colour palette to specific colours, such as red and green for Christmas.  



To wrap up (pun intended), holidays and special events give businesses the chance to create posts that people like and share, in a way that makes them feel good. We all know it: by failing t0 prepare, you are preparing to fail. Great things take time and good planning, so we hope that our 5 tips can help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season.


Feeling a bit stressed about the festive season? We know it can be a hectic and overwhelming period, so save yourself some stress this year – you deserve a calm and hassle-free holiday season. Allow us to manage your social media for you: call us 260 99 88 | email us: [email protected] | visit our website here