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Opportunities among Challenges

It feels great to be able to write about confinement in the past tense. As for the moment it seems that lockdown is behind us and life is going back to normal for most businesses and ourselves are back to the office since 1st June. Glad to see familiar faces, be able to meet and greet in person. Working from home has been a great experience, some companies are in fact adopting it as their new normal. As much as we like Zooming, having our Friday happy hour through pc screens, we have to admit that working under one roof still has its good parts.

During confinement we could not go out and for Design Lounge team it was a good time to go inside. We had fantastic times of reflection which many would agree during normal times we do not have this kind of quality time. We have come up with opportunities that we are going to share with you in this article.

We have first decided to setup our video, photo and audio studio called Studio 66. As we write this article a team is actively making all the necessary installations, cabling, equipping to make it happen. We are confident we will be able to do our 1st recordings as from 1st july.

The second opportunity is that we have revamped our website as you see it now which is something we’ve been wanting to change since 2 years now. This new website reflects our refreshed direction, strengthened team and our approach that puts forward our most precious assets – our human resource and our creativity.

The third opportunity is that we have finalized our new social media packages that we are currently promoting with 20% off from our usual prices. In fact you can ‘’click here’’ to download our PDF document on our offer. We have signed off 2 retainers during lockdown ! And we are currently bundling some really interesting packages that we will share with you very soon.

One day while day-dreaming, we’ve come up with an incredible idea that has to do with mentorship, leadership and training related to The Business of Design. This is the biggest opportunity that we are putting in place with key partners and we’ll have more updates on this very soon.

So we don’t doubt that things are tough and will remain challenging in coming months but if one is creative and willing to look for the opportunities among chaos, surely there must be something to do that will help one thrive!