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Make Every Word Count: How Long Should Your Social Media Text/Captions Be?


Make Every Word Count: How Long Should Your Social Media Text/Captions Be?

Mastering the craft of writing succinctly whilst still getting your message across with the right tone of voice is an art. Imagine doing this with a character limit – now that’s a science


Reading something too long can be dreary, so optimising the length of your captions and texts for your social media posts is crucial. This could increase your chances of people reading and engaging with your posts. Because we care, we’ve put together a detailed guide on social media character limits and ideal post lengths to make your life easier. You can thank us later.





Facebook ads character count


Facebook generally has the same character limit across all ad types, with the exception of carousel ads and in-stream video ads.


Headline – 40 characters

Body text – 125 characters

Link descriptions – 30 characters (20 for carousel ads and in-stream video ads)


Facebook posts character count


Post character limit – 63,206 characters


Facebook is the perfect place to share long-form content, giving you ample space to tell a detailed story or explain something in-depth.


However, just because you can post a lengthy status update on Facebook doesn’t mean you should – in fact, short posts tend to perform better. Despite that, we recommend trying out different Facebook post lengths to find the ideal character count for you, depending on your industry.


Facebook maximum character limits


Besides posts and ads, Facebook also has character limits for usernames, page descriptions and comments:


Username character limit – at least 5 characters and up to 50 characters

Page description – 255 Characters

Facebook comments – 8,000 Characters





Instagram ads character limit


Headline – 40 characters

Body text – 125 characters

Link descriptions – 30 characters


Instagram captions character count


Caption character limit – 2,200 characters, truncated at 125 characters


While 2,200 characters is abundant caption real estate, huge blocks of text may look messy and distract people from the main focus of the post, i.e., your photo or video. The ideal length is around 1-50 characters. However, you may also want to test longer captions to see how your audience responds and how engagement varies by post type. For instance, longer captions could work well with informative and educational posts. But fun and casual posts may need just a few words or even some emojis.


Maximum hashtag count – 30 hashtags


Note that stuffing your caption space with all the hashtags you can use isn’t always a good idea. In fact, using irrelevant hashtags could put your account at risk of getting shadowbanned.


Maximum Instagram character limits


Bio character limit – 150 characters

Username character limit – 30 characters





LinkedIn offers plenty of areas for users to enter text, with each having its own character limit.


About us/Summary – 2,000 characters

Company Page name – 100 characters

Company update – 700 characters

Employee testimonials – 400 characters

Title of custom module – 150 characters

Body of custom module – 500 characters

URL label for custom module – 70 characters

Recommendation – 3,000 characters

LinkedIn Publishing post headline – 100 characters

LinkedIn Publishing content length – 110,000 characters


LinkedIn ads character count


Single image ads

Headline – 200 characters, truncated at 70 characters

Description – 300 characters, truncated at 100 characters


Carousel ads

Card headline – keep text under 150 characters and two lines to avoid truncation


Message ads

Subject – ​​60 characters

Message text – ​​1,500 characters





While YouTube may be focused on videos, it also has a few text fields. 


Video title – 100 characters

YouTube description – 5,000 characters

Playlist titles – 150 characters

YouTube tags – 500 characters 





Tweet character count – 280 characters


Surprisingly, unlike with other social platforms, longer posts tend to perform better on Twitter. The ideal tweet length is around 240 and 259 characters, which tend to get the most likes, replies, Retweets, impressions and link clicks on average.


Twitter maximum character limits


DMs – 10,000 characters

Twitter handle – 15 characters

Profile name – 50 characters

Bio – 160 characters



We know that it can be a lot of information to take in but we hope this guide has been helpful to provide an insight into how long your social media posts should be. It can be a challenge to express yourself completely within a character limit, especially whilst ensuring that your brand voice shines through. This is why we want to make sure you create a compelling marketing message that’s within the social media character limits, so get in touch with us now to make every word count: call us 260 99 88 | email us: [email protected] | visit our website here