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How to digitally elevate your brand in 2021


How to digitally elevate your brand in 2021

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic pressured businesses to undergo a rapid digitalisation process. As a result, they had to change their day-to-day operations in order to keep their business running despite the economic downturn.


Companies either had to increase their digital marketing strategies, or worse, start to implement them so as not to lag behind.


Online orders soared and businesses that did not have a proper website up and running were at a huge disadvantage. Agencies that provide digital marketing services such as Design Lounge can help you not only build a website but also set a digital strategy for your business. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or already have a well-established firm, here are 5 good reasons why you should invest in digital marketing today:

1. Saves you pennies


A carefully planned digital marketing campaign allows you to gain access to the mass market at a cost-effective price. Minimising costs is crucial for almost every business nowadays. Digital marketing not only allows you to save money as compared to traditional marketing methods but it also makes every penny matter. Working with an experienced digital marketing agency will help you create an effective online marketing campaign maximising your ROI.

2. Measure how successful (or not, oops!) your campaign is


It’s important to know how well a marketing campaign is doing to assess its impact on business growth. Tracking the results of a digital campaign is insanely easy and is one of the most significant benefits of digital marketing. Analytics and other online metric tools provide insight into the ads performance such as comments, likes, impressions, reach etc. By analysing these results, you can easily compare past campaigns to see what is working and what is not, and improve on the next one.

3. Don’t shoot in the dark!


Digital marketing campaigns allow for precise audience targeting. As compared to traditional marketing channels, online ads don’t use the ‘spray and pray’ method where an ad is posted on a platform hoping that it reaches potential customers. Advertising on social media platforms allows you to reach people who matter to your brand. 

4. More people = more engagement!


If you could converse with your audience directly and get their feedback on your brand, wouldn’t you do it? If they are happy with your brand, they would in turn ‘share and recommend’ it to hundreds, maybe thousands! A strong social media presence allows you to do just that! You can even tap into new markets and widen your audience as you build your community. Some key things to remember to remain relevant in this highly competitive environment: post content regularly, reply to messages and comments systematically, run special offers and keep your content engaging.

5. Build your e-Reputation?


You can use digital platforms to build and improve your company’s brand and reputation. For instance, a well-designed website or active social media accounts that provide useful, high quality posts will give customers a good impression of your brand. They might be more likely to conduct business with you, further cementing your brand reputation and possibly increasing brand loyalty.

Did these 5 reasons give you some food for thought? We can take this conversation to another level, simply get in touch with us and see how we can start to build or improve your online presence.