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Growth at design lounge



Growth at Design Lounge

My career in design started quickly after my studies, well before my graduation. Life in an agency was a mystery to me. When you are studying there’s a lot of stories that you hear, that’s not reassuring at all. But when I joined Design Lounge, all my doubts vanished, I met colleagues with a great team spirit, and they were of a real support to me, the newbie in the professional environment. My biggest challenge upon joining DL, was to manage a project from the concept to the final proposal. My seniors really helped me out, they encouraged me in giving my very best under their supervision and thankfully all went well, the client was very happy with what we proposed.

Later in the same year, I was given the opportunity to develop a new identity for a rum which is now sold on the international market. It was a very challenging task. The difficulty was in understanding the client’s ideas and inspiration, but here again thanks to the team, I was able to count on their experience to guide me. As I have a background in Fine Arts with specialisation in Graphic Design and Advertising, this job fitted my competencies well, I painted the artwork for the labels and created the logo. ZAKA RUM was the very first project where I was able to express myself fully, I dealt directly with the client and ensured the follow-up on the production of the labels and packagings. I was a little sad when I gave, the original painting to the client, personal feelings of an artist giving away her baby… lol, but that’s my job… create for others.

Over the 3 years I have joined the Creative Industry as a practitioner, there are a few things that I have learned, and I am sure that there are more to come. But for now, this is my observation. The objective is not to design just to make money, we design because this is what we like to do and what we do best, our personal satisfaction relies on how best we have been able to respond effectively to clients’ requests and the impact of our creative communication materials. Developing creative solutions is fun, but it is time-consuming, very challenging and hard-working. Above all qualities that a graphic designer should have, I strongly believe that it should be patience.

ZAKA RUM’s project brought a lot to me in terms of experience in developing concepts from A to Z. Adding to that, it was a great opportunity for me to deal with people from around the world, with different cultures and point of views. Preparing documents for production also allowed me to understand printing techniques, specs, dimensions, materials and most importantly managing tight deadlines. I really had to focus on what I had to do and to be highly responsive.

As a whole, working at Design Lounge and having a truly supportive team to back me up whenever I need it, I am now confident that I am made for this job. I am really happy to be able to manage projects, deal with people of all walks of lie, find solutions, be able to collaborate with my colleagues and to be part of the DL team.

ZAKA RUM remains to this day my greatest challenge, and I am proud of what I have achieved in 3 years at DL. I am looking forward and curious to work on new challenging projects.

For now, we can enjoy ZAKA at happy hours, once a month, on Friday evenings… CHEERS!

Written by: Yashveena Guddah

[email protected]

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