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Great content takes time and effort. Lucky for you, we have both to offer!


Great content takes time and effort. Lucky for you, we have both to offer!

It is estimated that the average American used to be exposed to 4000-10000 ads per day in 2017. With how digitized the world has become, especially within the past year, we can assume that the rest of the world is catching up fast on those figures. (Learn more here!) While one major explanation is the numerous new ways to reach audiences, this fact also implies fierce competition to “catch” people’s attention. Not an easy thing to do when the average person’s attention span amounts to eight seconds; that is, less than a goldfish’s. 


Fear not, all hope is not lost! One factor that can really help is to design great content! But what is great content and how do you make one? Below, we discuss how we come up with innovative posts for Design Lounge’s clients! 





Unfortunately, we can’t overlook the hard stuff because the formula goes like this:


99% Perspiration + 1% Creativity = Great work


To ensure that you get things right, it is important to do your homework. Research involves looking at what your competitors are doing; taking note of the market trends; identifying your personas and target audiences; finding the right keywords to boost your SEO… Though quite time-consuming, this process will make it easier for you to be creative and original.


Another good point is that quoting good sources boosts your credibility in the eyes of audiences and search engines. So don’t hesitate and make the most of your resources before structuring your work plan. And even if you end up only using 40% of everything you’ve researched, you can still recycle the other 60% another time.





Now that you’ve figured what kind of content you want, it is time to get started on the actual work. Here are two examples:




Considered as the most engaging type of post, videos are a great way to boost engagement with your page. But you can expect to spend about 6 hours shooting for a 20-sec sequence. You will also need to prepare the following beforehand:

  • write the script or storyboard
  • prepare the props and equipment
  • book the actors and shooting location.

Also, remember that the unexpected can always happen so you might need to reshoot some scenes another day. 


Do you think that video is too much hard work for you and definitely not your cup of tea? Lucky for you; it’s something that we love to do! So do not hesitate to reach out for your video content for social media!




Just like with a puzzle, you try to match every detail for a comprehensive, bigger picture. You have to mind the background, graphic, typography, white space, bleed, scale… There exists a hierarchy of importance for each and it takes time to get the ranking right. Sometimes the text might not match the overall mood and, other times, the work might look good on screen but not on paper.



Review Stage


To ensure that your content is truly great, it is important to take a step back and get some feedback. At an agency, the creative director goes over the final product and identifies what might not be working. The client gives their feedback too and adjustments are made accordingly. After all, people’s tastes differ so, rather than pleasing everyone, it would be more realistic to aim for the majority’s satisfaction.



As you can see, great content is very demanding. To keep up with the digital world’s high speed, it becomes even more challenging to produce them. That is why Design Lounge proposes to accompany you through this RPR journey and help with the tough work. So if you want to make great content too, let us schedule a meeting!