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Embracing Yellow! Embracing Teamwork!

Yellow has always been part of our identity. After 10 years we can say that it is our colour! According to some research carried out, Yellow is the most radiant colour of the spectrum. It captures attention, it is the colour of happiness, optimism, of enlightenment, creativity, sunshine and warmth (colormatters.com).

At Design Lounge, these are the qualities that we want to stand out. Over the years we have built a team of talents who works well together, who understands that each member has a particular role to play in developing and finding creative solutions in response to the needs of our clients. Each designer brings something unique to the final creative outcome of the jobs we tackle every day. We acknowledge that our different point of views create a collaborative environment where everyone tries to solve the same problems differently. In a moment of doubt there is nothing better than having a co-worker, new to the problem to help us out by giving a constructive feedback and pointing out details which we may have overlooked.

We strongly believe that we are more efficient and responsive when we work in a conducive environment where positivity, happiness and sharing overcome the stress engendered by workload and urgency of tasks!

So, how does Yellow and Teamwork connect? As stated above, Yellow is the most “radiant colour of the spectrum”. Well, there is nothing better than having colleagues upon arriving at the agency in the morning, having a big smile on their face, sharing a morning tea/coffee and breakfast, laughing and cracking jokes. This is very much encouraging to start and spend each new day together.

Our success resides in the trust we have developed in each other and the high spirit of our team. We share a common passion about design and communication, this is what we do best together, finding creative solutions as an energetic and synergistic whole!

This energy, we want to share it with you. Come say hello when you are in the neighbourhood.

Never forget that we love coffee, dipin dibere, gato pima and happiness!

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Written by: Jean-Francois Col

[email protected]

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