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Copywriter and content writer – What’s the difference and why would you need either


Copywriter and content writer – What’s the difference and why would you need either

Though closely related, copywriting and content writing have distinctly different purposes. Copywriting refers to writing that primarily aims to persuade readers to take action. Content writing, on the other hand, can aim to drive action but its main purpose is to educate and entertain.


Both require good writing skills, adequate tone/style, good grammar, proper audience understanding… Arguably, you could even think of copywriting as a part of content writing. But there are different types of content and, consequently, various kinds of writers. For example, some writers may specialize in blogs, e-mails, social media, articles, case studies, reports…  You guessed it; the list is endless. Ideally, a writer would be able to do all of these but people have their strong and weak points.


This brings us to the next point: When and why you should consider outsourcing your writing.


Level of expertise

As we mentioned earlier, different writers specialize in different types of writing. Depending on your business’s needs, you may hesitate to do the writing yourself or your current writer may not be up to the level. An agency, on the other hand, has at its disposal a dedicated team of writers who each make up for what the other lacks. Also, these writers will have prior experiences with the audiences of various industries, such as Traveling, Construction, or Retailing. Every piece of text is reviewed so that, as the client, you only get to see the copies with the best quality.


Timing and Management

Currently, a lot of businesses are upgrading their digital communications to grow closer to their customer base. Yet, many fail to even cross the starting line as the process can be quite overwhelming. This is because writing a quarterly newsletter and producing weekly social media posts require different levels of commitment. Can your in-house writers keep up with a frequent posting schedule and consistently produce good quality content? If the answer is no, you may want to consider outsourcing.


Agencies are different because they work with efficiency in mind so that even if one writer falls sick, deadlines are still met. They also have the manpower, resources, and time that all businesses may not necessarily have.


Cost efficiency

Employing a copywriter or a content writer has its benefits but it also implies all the perks of full-time employment: sick leave, holidays, insurance, and others. But when you outsource your writing services, you only pay when you need such writing services. In other words, you can pay per month or negotiate the prices for every project. Over time, this option can be more cost-efficient.


Fresh perspective

Finally, having an outside perspective can reveal more than you would think. Because agencies are constantly exposed to the market, they are better placed to notice rising trends and changes.


It is good to be consistent but that does not apply to errors. Text produced at an agency will be more in line with the market’s needs, which may not align well with your business’s current tone of voice. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cannot also be omitted in good copywriting and content writing. After all, ranking well on search engines means that you can reach more people and this creates more opportunities for lead sales.


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