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3 Reasons to Invest in Paid Social Advertising


3 Reasons to invest in Paid Social Advertising

Social media platforms have known unprecedented success in the past year thanks to their growing number of subscribers. The figures have shown that over 73.1% of the Mauritian population actively use social media and 98.7% of those users do so through their mobile. (Read more here) Great! So social media brings a lot of visibility to your brand, product and services. But if you’re still hesitating to adopt a social media strategy, the following reasons might convince you:


#1 Greater and Better Reach

Paid social advertising allows you to reach people that you would have otherwise missed. Organic posts mainly reach a portion of those who have subscribed to your page and their entourage. However, paid advertising expands your horizon by allowing you to specifically target your audience based on their interests, geography, and demographics. Because this method allows you to send the right message to the right people, your campaigns are also more likely going  to be successful. At the same time, more people grow ‘aware’ of your business and you can seize this chance to increase traffic to your page.


#2 Increased Engagement and Conversions

By exposing more people to your advertising content, you also increase the level of engagement to your posts and page. Good targeting will spike the interest of your audience and encourage interaction, which is very good for your business. At the same time, with more engagement comes the opportunity to increase conversion. For example, data collected after someone makes an online purchase can be used to propose similar products that may interest them.


#3 Track Performance

When it comes to platforms such as Facebook, you start your campaign with clear goals. For example, it can be ‘more clicks’ for conversions or ‘more impressions’ for awareness, which then determines your budget for the overall campaign. The platform tracks and reports the effectiveness of your campaign in achieving these goals and, in turn, you can adjust your future campaign for better results.


In other words, paid social advertising is a great tool for businesses to measure what return they have obtained from their ad spending.  To learn more about such trends and practices in the digital market, you can subscribe to Design Lounge’s newsletter.


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